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My Story

Growing up abroad, combined with my years in the 1970s as a Pan Am stewardess (as we were called in those days) fueled the passion I already had for travel. That wonderful airline experience with the world as my playground offered a vast slate of travel stories (many of which must be filed away as “delicious” private memories).

There are, however, many travel stories I can tell, and I look forward to sharing them with you.

As a longtime resident of Mexico City raising a young family, I naturally developed an editorial slant which was primarily family travel. Consequently, my two daughters - who often accompanied me -were privy to priceless experiences as a result of my “job.”

As my children got older, my focus morphed into destination, luxury and romantic feature articles. Now, as an "empty nester," I have uncovered a restless side to me, which I can fully embrace.

While I’m not happy about how quickly life is whizzing by, I'm motivated to indulge my wanderlust as I tour the world and report back to other "Restless Voyagers" of any age.

I hope you enjoy "our" journey………

Michelle da Silva Richmond